Company History

In 1994, Lloyd “Red” Parker and Gary Parker opened the doors of Northwest Distribution & Storage, Inc. and have just completed their 20th year in the warehousing, transportation and logistics services.

Northwest Distribution & Storage roots extend back to 1972 where, during which time Red Parker was a captain for Western Airlines, he started a family business with his sons Gary and Robert Parker.  Parker Transport Inc. was a logging and lumber products transportation company specializing in shipments throughout the state of California.  During the recession of the early 80’s Parker Transport, Inc. looked to diversify outside of lumber to be able to remain in the transportation business.

Utilizing the connections Red Parker had within the airline business, Parker Transport began to move airfreight between San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.  They pioneered this service for air cargo and airfreight forwarders, partnering with airlines such as Western Airlines, Korean Air, Scandinavian Airlines, British Airways, Air Cal, and Delta Airlines; and air cargo forwarders Burlington Air, Emery Worldwide, and Profit by Air along with others.  

At the same time, the wine industry in California was small but growing.  In an effort to increase the company’s product diversity, the family began moving wine for winery, distributor and storage customers, even assisting their winery and airline partners to create programs to move their wines throughout the world. 

In 1988, Parker Transport Inc. was sold and the Parker family returned to the Pacific Northwest where they had originally resided.  Northwest Distribution & Storage, Inc. opened its doors in September of 1994 and began a new chapter, pioneering the wine storage, consolidation, and transportation programs that are still the standard today.  With the loyalty and partnership of some of the largest wineries in the area, along with many of the most prestigious boutique wineries, they quickly grew from 10,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet in a matter of years and have continued to grow to their current size of over 250,000 square feet.  In addition, with the extensive background in transportation and logistics, the consolidation program has grown exponentially.

Over the years, the family owned company has added valuable employees who embody the same customer service and family values as the Parkers have incorporated into every aspects of their businesses.  With the continuous support of the Oregon and Washington wine industry and other beverage industries they have diversified into, Northwest Distribution & Storage, Inc. expects to remain a steadfast part of the Northwest’s storage, transportation, and logistics business.

Who We Are


Northwest Distribution & Storage, Inc.

 Gary Parker Owner

Gary Parker

 Jason Flaig President

Jason Flaig

 Michelle Cervone Vice President - Operations

Michelle Cervone
Vice President - Operations

 Andrea Kendall Vice President - Finance

Andrea Kendall
Vice President - Finance

 Jeff Carpenter Vice President - Logistics    

Jeff Carpenter
Vice President - Logistics


 Ted Compton Vice President - Warehouse

Ted Compton
Vice President - Warehouse

 David Lowery Inventory Supervisor

David Lowery
Inventory Supervisor


WineCo, LLC

 Dave Gillen Warehouse Supervisor

Dave Gillen
Warehouse Supervisor

 Sarah Coelho Club Coordinator

Sarah Coelho
Club Coordinator

 Julie Carter Order Coordinator

Julie Carter
Order Coordinator

 Veronica Medellin Order Coordinator

Veronica Medellin
Order Coordinator

 Jessica Arce Quality Control

Jessica Arce
Quality Control

 WineCo Staff

WineCo Staff